Exercise Tips for Success

Exercise doesn’t come easy for everyone, but a few useful exercise tips can help make workouts fun and productive! If you need a few good workout tips, look no further than Big Vanilla Athletic Club. Whether you go the gym every day or you’re just starting to regularly work out, we can help you reach your fitness goals in the Annapolis area. Our Pasadena and Arnold/Severna Park, Maryland health clubs are great for starting or keeping up with a workout routine. Check out our exercise tips and see which ones you can add to your workout routine.

Exercise Tip #1: Keep It Varied

Working out should be fun, and that’s what this exercise advice is all about. Keep your workouts varied by trying new non-traditional exercises like rock wall climbing, kayaking, tennis or anything that helps you mix up the monotony while still getting a great workout. (Don’t forget, you can do all this and more at Big Vanilla!) If you get bored with your workout, that lowers your chance of actually keeping up with your exercise routine. Finding something you really enjoy doing that still gives you a good workout is the best way to keep yourself motivated.

Exercise Tip #2: Find Exercises that Work for You

You might have an exercise you’ve been doing for a while, but it’s not giving you the results you want. The same workout routines don’t work for every person because everyone’s body is different. It is best to have a workout routine that is customized to your unique goals and problem areas. You could meet with a personal trainer who can show you the best workouts for your body and give you personalized exercise advice that will really make a difference for you. When you see results, you’ll be more energized to continue being healthy.

Exercise Tip #3: Get Support from a Group

Working out on your own can be hard, so a good exercise tip is to get support from a group. Exercise classes are a great way to do this. You’ll learn new workout moves from your instructor and have a whole group of people working towards the same thing as you and supporting you in your goals. At Big Vanilla we have exercise classes ranging from boot camp to yoga, so you can choose what most interests you!

Exercise Tip #4: Set Fitness Goals

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you get there? This is one of the most important workout tips. Set goals for yourself so you have something to work toward. Be sure to celebrate when you reach your goals, too! And if you follow our third exercise tip, you can also tell your exercise buddies about your success. Your goals don’t have to (and in fact, probably shouldn’t) be lofty; choose something small to work toward and continue setting more and more goals as you move along. That way, you can celebrate all the small successes on your way to your ultimate fitness goal.

Exercise Tip #5: Come to Big Vanilla

The best exercise tip of all for Annapolis area residents? Come to Big Vanilla! We have the fun amenities to keep your workout interesting, the personal trainers to work with you, the group exercise classes to support you and more! If you’re looking for a place to finally reach your health goals, Big Vanilla is the one. You’ll find exercising will be become an enjoyable part of your day. Get your free 7-day guest pass to our health clubs and try out these exercise tips for yourself!


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