Marathon Training: All Worth It for One Runner

Have you ever thought about running a marathon? It might be something you add to your bucket list, but for most people the idea of a marathon is incredibly daunting. Especially all the marathon training that goes into getting ready for the race! But despite this, each year thousands of people participate in the Marine Corps Marathon in Arlington. This past October, Big Vanilla’s Alex McKeague completed the Marine Corps Marathon at 49 years old. Learn more about his story and get some great marathon training tips for the Arnold/Severna Park and Pasadena, Maryland area based on McKeague’s experience!

Marathon Training Tips: Keep a Positive Attitude

McKeague found that positive affirmations kept him going during marathon training as well as during the race itself. Louise Orders, a personal trainer and massage therapist at Big Vanilla in Arnold, MD, mentored McKeague during his marathon training. During the race, McKeague kept in mind something she’d told him during training, “I Got This!” An encouraging saying like this one even ended up helping McKeague during the most difficult part of the race – when he twisted his ankle with only two miles left till the finish line. After being forced to walk for part of the race, he saw a sign that said, “The day will come when you cannot do this. TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY!!” This sign gave McKeague the strength to run through the finish line.

Marathon Training Tips: Get Good Support

McKeague had a whole team behind him, helping him to achieve his goals. Some of those people, like personal trainer Orders, were from Big Vanilla! McKeague had the support of multiple coaches, other runners, his family and even just the spectators. Good support both during the race and in marathon training are essential to success. You have to find people who will be there for you when you feel like you can’t go on, and all the marathon training just isn’t worth the outcome. Good support will help you keep a positive attitude just like McKeague did, and you might even learn your own inspirational sayings to help get you to the finish line!

Train for a Marathon at Big Vanilla

If running a marathon is on your bucket list, you can check it off when you train for a marathon at Big Vanilla. We have great personal trainers, exercise equipment and fitness classes to help you get in shape to run the race. Marathon training at Big Vanilla can not only help you get healthy, it can also help improve your outlook and determination, as you can see with McKeague’s story. You can also choose to participate in Big Vanilla’s 90-Day Challenge, where McKeague is a coach! You’ll learn how to reach your ultimate fitness level, so you can get a jumpstart on your marathon training! At Big Vanilla in Arnold and Pasadena, Maryland, you’ll find all the support you need to train for a marathon so you can reach your goal. Marathon training can seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help you. Once you reach the finish line, you’ll probably feel the same way as McKeague: “proud,” “grateful” and “appreciative.” Get your free 7-day pass to Big Vanilla and start your marathon training today!



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