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Celebrate the Zumbathon All Year Long With Zumba Classes

Remember when we posted a blog about our Zumbathon? Well, it happened, and it was very successful! We raised $1,000 for Girls on the Run of the Greater Chesapeake, a great local charity. If you missed the Zumbathon, don’t worry – we’ll get you caught up on all the details! We’ll also tell you how you can try Zumba classes and see what this new fitness craze is all about!

Zumbathon 101

You might be wondering, “What is a Zumbathon?” Let’s start with a definition of Zumba. This is a form of exercise where you follow an instructor and dance to fun Latin beats. It’s an excellent full-body workout for people of all fitness levels – it’s also a great time! A Zumbathon is a long event where participants do Zumba for a good cause. We held ours on April 15th from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Our event was open to people of all ages to come and raise money for charity. Everyone had an awesome time – check out a video of the Big Vanilla Athletic Club Zumbathon to see for yourself!

An Energetic Charity Event

Our Zumbathon raised funds for Girls on the Run of the Greater Chesapeake. This group helps girls in grades three through eight learn to live healthier lives. Since their founding in 2005, they’ve helped over 3,000 girls in the area get physically active. In addition to exercise, Girls on the Run of the Greater Chesapeake also emphasizes community service. Their goal is to help young girls gain confidence in themselves and learn the skills to live a healthy lifestyle as they age.

Try Zumba for Yourself

You’ve probably heard of Zumba before – it’s becoming more and more popular all over the country. People love the energetic nature of the exercise and that it’s never the same from one class to the next! So if you get easily bored with exercise, Zumba classes may be perfect for you!  Zumba is also a form of group exercise, so you can do it with friends or meet new people in your class. Plus, since the classes are at set times, exercising isn’t as easy to put off! You can help yourself stay motivated (and have fun at the same time!) by taking Zumba classes.

Zumba Classes at Big Vanilla

Sounds like fun doesn’t it? It really is – come to Big Vanilla and try it out! We offer Zumba fitness classes at both of our Arnold and Pasadena, MD health clubs so you can go wherever is most convenient for you. Our current schedule has Zumba classes at different times of the day so you can get in a great workout whenever you feel the most energetic. At Big Vanilla, we do our best to make fitness fun and our Zumba classes are the perfect representation of that!

Check out our schedule for Zumba classes in Arnold and Pasadena to see what time works best for you. If you aren’t a member, sign up for a free seven-day guest pass to visit our facilities!