Water Safety Night at Big Vanilla

Swimming pool safety is important all year round, but as we approach the warmer months it becomes critical that you revisit all of the things you can do to ensure a safe summer. Give yourself some peace of mind and give your children the skills they need to be safe in the water at Big Vanilla Athletic Club. We’re hosting a Water Safety Night on Friday, June 15 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at our Pasadena location. Learn important water safety techniques from the experts so you can feel confident while swimming this summer. Pre-registration is required, so sign up online or at the front desk at Big Vanilla today!

Water Safety Tips

In preparation for our Water Safety Night, here are a few tips to help keep you and your children safe when swimming this summer:

  • A responsible adult should always be present when children are swimming. No matter how good a child is at swimming, nobody is drown-proof.
  • If your child is new to swimming or a weak swimmer, use a Coast Guard-approved life jacket, not inflatable swimmies. But keep in mind you should never use a floatation device as a substitute for supervision.
  • Teach children water safety and swimming skills as early as possible. Big Vanilla offers swim lessons in Arnold and Pasadena for children and adults of all ages and abilities, so you can improve your skills or learn to swim for the first time. If you are a non-swimmer, invest in lessons for yourself.
  • Please remember the arm’s length rule. For infants, toddlers, and any swimmer who has not passed the Big Vanilla swim test, a parent should be within an arm’s length at all times, closely supervising them without distractions. This is a great rule to follow at any pool you visit.
  • In the pools at Big Vanilla, children under 13 years of age and without a Big V Swimmer yellow wristband are not allowed in water above chest-deep or in the slide area (Pasadena).
  • Children have to be at least 3 years of age and toilet trained to swim in the lap and leisure pools (Pasadena).
  • Understand the basics of life-saving so you can assist in a pool emergency.
  • Become CPR-certified so you can perform CPR on children and adults. Also make sure you update those skills regularly.
  • Remember you are your child’s lifeguard and you are never off duty. Never assume someone else is watching your child when in a pool area.

Learn More About Water Safety at Big Vanilla

Want to learn more about water safety? Come to our free Water Safety Night at Big Vanilla in Pasadena on Friday, June 15 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The event is open to the community and families are welcome to attend. The evening will feature instructor-led water safety lessons including:

  • Aquatic area awareness
  • Emergency recognition and response
  • Pool rules
  • Self-rescue
  • Non-swimming assists

The Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Department of Natural Resources will also be on-hand with demonstrations and to answer questions.

Both members and non-member are welcome to attend; however, pre-registration is required by June 12, 2012. Register online at www.bigvanilla.com or at the front desk. For more information, please call 410-437-4242. Also make sure to follow Big Vanilla Athletic Club on Twitter for more swimming pool safety tips. We look forward to seeing you (and your kids) at Water Safety Night!


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