The Mental Benefits of Exercise

“When you increase motion in your life by exercising, you will begin to expand your mental and emotional range.” – The Health Journal

It’s common to get stuck in our daily routines – same thing, different day. What many of us don’t realize is that getting stuck in our ways can take a negative toll on our creativity and overall brain activity. One of the most effective ways of putting rest to the whirlwind of thoughts that accumulate in the left brain is vigorous exercise. That’s right – there are mental benefits of exercise in addition to the physical ones! When it comes to boosting creativity and thinking “outside the box,” it doesn’t matter what type of exercise you choose, whether it’s running, swimming, biking, or an intense walk. The important thing is to find an activity that will force you out of your comfort zone and current pattern of thinking.

Experiencing the Mental Benefits of Exercise

You may wonder, “How will I know if it’s working or not?” It will be clear to you when you experience the mental benefits of exercise. For example, if you find yourself exercising and you’re still thinking about the events of the past day, maybe everything you need to get done or something said or done to you by another person, that’s when you know to pick up the pace.

Exercise and Creativity

When you truly experience the connection between exercise and creativity, space is created in your mind. Inspiration, creativity, and new ideas begin floating to the surface. However, in order to get the mental benefits of exercise you must make working out a regular activity (at least four days a week).Trust us, it’s worth it! Bringing more creative and innovative thoughts to the table could get you much more success in life. The mental benefits of exercise can also help you stand out in the workforce and be counted on for new ideas and advice in personal relationships. Exercising can also bring more excitement to your life, leading you away from the daily “ruts.”

According to a recent health study conducted by Newsweek magazine, “Vigorous physical exercise helps your creative process by forcing you out of left brain dominant thinking. In addition, exercise improves blood flow, while increasing oxygen to the brain. Regular exercise even leads to the creation of new neurons.” Being more creative can help you in any stage of life, whether you’re a student writing English papers or an adult in the business world. When you exercise for mental health, you can improve your creativity and your fitness level!

Get the Mental Benefits of Exercise at Big Vanilla

Are you ready to experience the mental benefits of exercise for yourself? Then come to Big Vanilla! Our Arnold and Pasadena, MD health clubs have everything you need to exercise for mental health. Try our fitness equipment, swimming pools, group exercise classes, rock walls, and more. You can get fit, have fun, and boost your creativity! Get your free seven-day guest pass to try us out for yourself! In the meantime, make sure to check out Big Vanilla Athletic Club on Facebook!


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