Exercise and Disease: How Working Out Keeps You Healthy

You already know exercise is important for your body – it not only makes you feel good, but it also keeps you fit! However, you might not know there is a strong connection between exercise and disease prevention. Read on to learn more about how health and exercise support one another – and how you can take advantage of the connection!

Exercise and Disease: Your Heart

You heart is a very important muscle – the most important one you have! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 27.1 million adults were living with heart disease in 2010, and it was the number one cause of death in America in 2009, killing 599,413 people. As you can see, this is a serious issue. The American Heart Association recommends a person should exercise for 30 minutes a day in order to reduce his or her risk of heart disease. They mention studies that claim for every hour you walk, you add two hours to your life expectancy! Plus, exercise lowers blood sugar and helps regulate your cholesterol levels – putting a huge dent in your risk for heart disease! Exercise and disease are very connected, especially when it comes to your heart, so make sure you work out regularly to keep your heart healthy.

Exercise and Disease: Immunity

Immunity is another important part of the exercise-disease connection. Your immune system helps you fight off all kinds of illnesses including serious diseases such as cancer. Studies have shown time and time again that exercise can improve your immune system, therefore helping you avoid everyday illnesses like the common cold and more serious ones down the road. So you might see immediate benefits in your health by exercising – and years from now as you age!

Exercise and Disease: Weight Control

Everyone knows that excess weight isn’t healthy. But you might not realize just how unhealthy it is. Being overweight is a major contributor to many diseases such as Type II diabetes, which requires daily monitoring and treatment. Weight control is a big part of how exercise and disease are linked because losing weight can make a positive difference in your health – and exercise can help to get you there. Plus, you’ll not only feel better on the inside, but you’ll probably enjoy the change in your outward appearance as well. Get healthy and get a great confidence boost in the process!

Health and Exercise are Easy at Big Vanilla

If you want to get healthy, Big Vanilla Athletic Club is the place to do it. We have rock walls, swimming pools, exercise classes, personal trainers, and more, so you can get a great workout by doing whatever most interests you. Once you understand there is a connection between exercise and disease, you can start making it work to your advantage. Come get your exercise at Big Vanilla so you live a long, healthy life. You can even get a free 7-day guest pass to check out our Arnold and Pasadena, MD facilities for yourself. In the meantime, be sure to check out Big Vanilla Athletic Club on Vimeo to learn more about us!


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