Five Healthy Snacks

It’s 3 p.m. at the office and your fullness from lunch is beginning to wear off. You start feeling hungry so you head to the vending machine. Your options are high-calorie candy, chips, or soda. None of these do you any favors when it comes to keeping you fit! But there are some healthy snacks out there that can control your hunger and won’t ruin your diet. Here is a list of five for you to try!

#1: Nuts

Nuts have a lot of great nutrients in them including protein, fiber, potassium, and calcium. Most nuts contain vitamin B and many contain vitamins A, C, E, and more. You can find omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium in walnuts and almonds. If you are watching your cholesterol levels, nuts are great because they are cholesterol-free! In terms of easy healthy snacks, nuts are great to take with you to work because they don’t require any refrigeration or preparation. You can just grab a handful whenever you start feeling hungry!

#2: Apples

There’s a reason for the old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” – apples are very good for you! Apples have lots of great nutrients in them including calcium, fiber, and potassium as well as around 10% of your recommended vitamin C for the day! You can also use apples to make quick healthy snacks – try adding peanut butter to each apple slice. Best of all, the sugar in apples is a great way to get a quick pick-me-up – studies show that apples can wake you up faster than a cup of coffee, and with better energy quality to boot!

#3: Celery

Here is a vegetable to add to your list of healthy snacks: celery! Celery is great for vitamins A, B6, C, and K, as well as fiber. Celery has high concentrations of several minerals including potassium, calcium, and manganese. On its own, celery can seem a little boring, so try adding peanut butter or low-fat dressing to give it a bit more flavor. And, just like our other healthy snacks, celery has no cholesterol! There is also some truth to the rumor that celery is a “negative calorie food” due to its high water content – while eating celery alone won’t necessarily make you skinny, studies have shown that it creates a slight caloric deficit.

#4: Yogurt

Plain yogurt is another one of the healthy snacks you can pick up pre-made at the grocery store. Yogurt has high values of vitamins B12 and B6, phosphorus, and calcium. Yogurt is also good for your digestive health and has low amounts of cholesterol. If the taste of plain yogurt doesn’t appeal to you, try adding in some fruits like apples, peaches, blueberries, or strawberries to sweeten it up a bit.

#5: Popcorn

Sounds crazy, but it’s true – air-popped popcorn is one of the healthiest snack foods out there! Get plain popcorn and season it with salt-free seasoning blends, sea salt and black pepper, or whatever else you like – just make sure you skip the movie theater butter!

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