Why Group Exercise is the Way to Go

So you’ve decided you want to get back in shape. Maybe you start running around your neighborhood after work. After a few weeks, you start getting tired of seeing the same houses every single day and as a result you get bored of your workout. Now you might more easily lose motivation and stop working out altogether. This means all your hard work will go to waste! How do you keep this from happening? Try group exercise! Every class is new and exciting so there is a better chance you’ll actually keep up with it. Taking group exercise classes has lots of benefits over working out alone – probably more than you’d think!

Group Exercise Keeps Things Interesting

Like we said, running the same route every single day probably gets boring pretty fast. When you take a group fitness class, you’ll learn new moves each time you go. Whether you’re doing yoga, Zumba, spin, or any other number of exercises, you’ll never do the same routine day after day. There will always be something a little different each time you go. Not only that, since there are so many different kinds of group exercise classes to choose from, you can mix and match your classes so you’ll never get bored! Try boot camp for a while, then switch to Pilates. Whenever you need to switch it up to stay interested, you can!

Get Expert Advice in Group Exercise

A major benefit of group exercise is that you’ll gain access to a group of people who have a lot of knowledge about health and fitness. Your instructor should be an expert in whatever class he or she is leading so you’ll get great tips and suggestions you can’t get anywhere else. Plus, he or she will be able to give you personalized advice for your unique fitness level and situation – something you can’t get when exercising alone! You can go to your instructor with questions and have the opportunity to really become an expert at whatever exercise you are learning.

Group Exercise Keeps You Motivated

Unlike working out alone, when it’s much easier to just push exercise aside, when you have a group of people expecting you, you are much more likely to go and actually work out. Not only that, when you’re struggling you’ll have the support of not only your instructor, but also your fellow class members. They will all be there to help you succeed when you need them.

Try Group Exercise at Big Vanilla Athletic Club

If you want to see how great group fitness is for yourself, check out all our great group exercise classes in Pasadena, MD, and also see what we offer at our Arnold, MD facility! You can even get a free 7-day guest pass to check out our health clubs! So if you want to stay motived, get the support you need by taking a group fitness class. In the meantime, follow Big Vanilla Athletic Club on Twitter for more great fitness advice!


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