Winter Exercise: Stay Fit Despite the Cold

It’s cold outside – so how are you supposed to get in your exercise? You might enjoy going for a run, walking the dog, playing basketball or any other outdoor exercise activity when the weather is nice, but the chilly temperatures are probably keeping you inside. You know exercise is important even when it’s cold outside, and at Big Vanilla want to help you stay fit no matter what the season! Take a look at our winter exercise tips and see how you can stay in shape in this chilly weather!

Try Indoor Sports

You might love playing sports like basketball and tennis outside, but these sports are also great when played indoors! This is a great way to exercise in the winter and maybe even make some friends in the process! Indoor courts will give you the same great workout but not chill you to the bone. Another benefit of indoor courts is you have access to all of the related aspects of a health club, so you can use the showers and bathrooms or even rent equipment if you need it. An outdoor stand-alone court won’t have any of this for you!

Take an Exercise Class

If you need some extra motivation to keep getting winter exercise, signing up for an exercise class is a great option. We have a huge variety of exercise classes at Big Vanilla, so you can choose what most interests you, from yoga to spinning to boot camp! You’ll get support from the other participants as well as your instructor, so you’ll feel motivated to keep up with your winter exercise. You’ll probably learn some great new winter exercise moves and routines to enjoy for years to come. You’ll get the great exercise in winter you need and have a great time!

Meet with a Personal Trainer

Winter is a great time to meet with a personal trainer. You can start to prepare for the summer months (even though they seem far away!) and get a beach-ready body. A personal trainer will show you great winter exercises and give you tips on how to keep your workouts varied and interesting. A personal trainer has the knowledge to help you get effective exercise in the winter without having to brave the cold. Start preparing for your summer vacation with some winter exercise!

Winter Exercise at Big Vanilla

Looking for somewhere you can do all this winter exercise in one place? Look no further than Big Vanilla! We have the indoor courts, exercise classes and personal trainers at our Arnold/Severna Park and Pasadena, Maryland fitness centers to help you stay fit this winter. And if you think all those amenities sound great, wait till you see our rock wall, exercise equipment, swimming pools and more! You’ll love working out at Big Vanilla – no matter what the season! If you need a place for winter exercise, there is nowhere better than Big Vanilla! Sign up for your free 7-day guest pass to get your winter exercise at Big Vanilla today!


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