Jackie Warner: “Alcohol Makes You Fat”

You can lose up to a pound a week just by cutting your alcohol intake in half…

Excessive consumption of alcohol strains your liver, which responds by slowing down on fat burning.  Alcohol also dehydrates your body, and this only adds bloat to your face.  Not to mention the calories…

If you want to shed an easy 2 lbs a month, cut out your alcohol intake during the week.  Or, decrease your 2 nightly cocktails to 1.  If you like mixed drinks, have them made with club soda or water to save on calories.

Drink Serving Size (fluid oz.) Calories
Tequila, 80 proof 1.4 97
Champagne 5 98
Bourbon, 80 proof 1.4 100
Vodka, 80 1.4 103
Scotch, 80 1.4 103
Beer, light 12 103
White wine, dry 5 120
Bloody Mary 10 125
Red Wine (Cab, Merlot) 5 129
Martini, vodka or gin Regular martini glass 135
Gin and tonic 6 143
Beer, regular 12 145
Sex on the beach Standard cocktail glass 150
Screwdriver Standard cocktail glass 180
Dirty vodka martini Regular martini glass 210
Cosmopolitan Regular martini glass 213
Mai tai Standard cocktail glass 225
Appletini Regular martini glass 235
Vodka soda (bottled) 12 253
Long island iced tea 8 276
Mojito 8 325
Margarita, frozen 8 376
Pina colada 8 443
Daiquiri 8 449



Warner, Jackie.  This is Why You’re Fat p. 88-89


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