Leaving the Excuses Behind: Health and Fitness Inspiration

For many, the idea of working out, getting in shape, and practicing healthy habits are nothing short of chores.  Americans today have trouble taking time for themselves, let alone time for fitness.  For these unfortunate reasons we have convinced ourselves that fitness simply is not fun.  With this in mind, we have moved toward becoming a nation of obese and unhealthy citizens.

Thinking back to our childhood days when being active was a way of life and being lean and strong was a natural byproduct, one can’t help but wonder where our inspiration has gone and how we can get it back?  First and foremost, the notion that fitness is not fun is completely and utterly false.  For example, you can make it a social affair, just as we did when we were kids.  Whether that means meeting a friend or two at your local gym for a group fitness class and then laughing over coffee about how much you all just got your butt kicked, taking a swim, or even taking on a new sport such as racquetball or tennis.  There are ways to make fitness fun. 

There are recreational programs and gyms that offer a plethora of fitness, wellness, recreation, sports, and social activities.  The ultimate goal of these organizations is to provide inspirational ways for individuals to engage in and stay with their exercise regimen.  With busy work schedules and the daily stresses that consume us, taking care of our bodies and minds has increasingly become less of a priority.  This must change, as well as our overall negative view of maintaining personal fitness.  It’s time to stop making excuses.
Studies show that just three hours of weekly exercise will increase your overall productivity by eight hours per week.  Do yourself a favor and next time you hear yourself making the excuse of not having enough time to workout, workout anyway.  In a short period of time when you begin to feel better about yourself mentally and physically and experience increased energy, you will become clearly aware of the benefits of regular exercise on your own.  Not only will you decrease your chance of sickness and disease and improve your sleeping habits through an active lifestyle, you will develop a new improved prospective on life.  Fitness made fun will inspire you to uncover the hidden treasures of your self lurking beneath all of the excuses you’ve been making.  When it comes to fitness it’s important not to think so much that you talk yourself out of it.  Body image and working out, as portrayed by “Madison Avenue,” has had a detrimental impact on the motivation to exercise for health.  Many people get discouraged because they feel they can never achieve success by these standards of body beautiful embedded in their minds.

Fitness isn’t just about getting your dream body, it’s about having a healthy and happy life.  You have to find the exercises that cause your mind to escape from negativity, and yes, they do exist.  NOW is the perfect time to start your new active and healthy lifestyle.  Get inspired!  No more excuses!


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