Don’t Let Age Slow Your Metabolism…Here’s How

Don’t you just hate those people who can devour a pint of ice-cream and all the   fried food they desire without an ounce of remorse…or weight gain?  It’s not fair that some of us have to feel guilty about ordering desert, or the less healthy option from time to time, just because our body can’t handle it.  With these tips for improving your metabolic heart rate with age, you won’t have to reminisce about your teenage glory days any longer!



1. EAT

A lot of people think that a drastic cut in calories will help them lose weight, but the truth of the matter is: Deprivation does NOT work and neither do complicated diets.  Skipping meals will get you two things: a bigger pair of pants and a permanently slow metabolism.  Studies show that those who ate 5 small meals a day were incredibly thinner than those who ate 2-3 medium/large meals.  And by the way, I know mornings can be extremely rushed but breakfast is HUGE.  Feed your body the best possible stuff like protein (lean meats), fruits and veggies, and whole grains.  They will give you energy you’ve never experienced before.

While trying to speed up your metabolism, stay clear of trans- fats, cheap sugars, and excess sodium.  Try limiting yourself to a few treats on the weekends and stick to a healthy diet during the week.  Before you know it you will stop craving those fatty foods that slow down your metabolism and decrease your energy. Do yourself a favor and pack a lunch during the week filled with nutritious foods to snack on throughout the day.  YOU CAN DO THIS!  Here are some items that help speed up your metabolism:



Natural Yogurt

Green Tea





Chicken Breast

Peanut Butter

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Whole Grains

Cayenne Pepper






Dark Chocolate

Baked Potato


The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism.  Muscle is the only thing that speeds up your metabolism so that you are constantly burning calories throughout the day, even while resting.  As we get older we don’t make the time for weight training and are more likely to focus our workouts around cardio.  Resistance training can be done many ways and is incredibly beneficial for all ages; however, vital after age 30 when your metabolic heart rate tends to decrease.  According to numerous fitness studies, increasing your lean muscle mass by as little as 3-5 lbs can have a huge effect on your daily caloric burn by increasing your BMR, or calories you burn while resting.  So, with just 3-5 lbs of added muscle, your BMR will increase to 250-500 calories per day.


Ever notice the guy who runs on the treadmill everyday at the same speed for long periods of time and never seems to lose a pound?  Will someone please tell him that’s the least effective way to burn calories?  A short and intense workout will get you the results you want.  A great way to speed up your metabolism is by adding an incline to your cardio exercise or if you’re on a bike or elliptical, increase that resistance!  Change up your cardio workouts to keep things interesting and don’t be afraid of a challenge.  Renowned trainer, Jackie Warner swears by this cardio interval routine for increasing your metabolic heart rate!

·     Perform four 5-minutes intervals

–          For 2 minutes, walk/lunge at a fast pace, bringing each knee close to the ground and taking deep, wide steps.

–          For the next 2 minutes, jog as fast as you can without stopping.

–          For 1 minute, walk briskly.

–          Repeat this interval 3 more times to equal 20 minutes

·         In week 2, increase your walking and jogging pace as well as your incline.


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